Anime Central 2013 Re-Cap Post:

So these happen to be my favorites of the ones on my camera. No, I’m not in cosplay for all of them because most of the pictures of me in costume are on my friends’ cameras and those will be posted later.

Basically, it was the best weekend I’ve had in so long. With the exception of this evening, I can happily say this was the best ACen I’ve ever been to in 3 years.

1. I fought with my gym Leader Blaine (No he doesn’t have a growlithe, but he does have an Arcanine!)

2. Stared at a weeping angel (and didn’t die! :D)

3. Had a sass off with Deadpool (he won obviously)

4. Danced with SANDER COHEN (fuck all you doubters I’ve wanted to do this forever)

5. Got attacked by a little sister and her big daddy

6. Then got attacked by a couple of splicers

7. #NotDead by Sherlock, John and Moriarty

8. And finally this dude because that is one BEAUTIFUL cosplay if I’ve ever seen one.

So basically this was an amazing weekend. I went with a whole bunch of friends (Kira, the Arcanine from the first picture and Snow is in the Weeping Angel shot along with several other people) and just cosplayed my life away.

I’ll post the pictures of me in cosplay as soon as I get them from friends.

I just wanted to say thanks to all the attendees for an amazing weekend. Another thanks to the fabulous cosplayers (pictured here and everyone else at the con as well!) for making ACen 2013 so amazing and memorable! :)

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